Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Day 21/22 and Review

“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.” (Og Mandino)

Hey there lovely!

The last two days have been filled with a lot of joy, work and loads of internet browsing :)

I am going through a lot of changes at the moment and am doing so much mental processing that I have headaches from it. (And I always think I am not doing anything!) One of the biggest changes today, was importing this blog from blogger to WordPress. In general, I like the way things are done in blogger, but I just hate how the formating is constantly messed up. It was not the clean and professional look I was going for (I make enough mistakes on my own, I don’t need a program to help me), so I decided to take the plunge.

As most of my decisions seem to happen between 10 and 12 PM, I don’t have enough time to properly customize it yet, but I hope you can forgive me for that. I know that the glamour of this blog is very low, and that many people might feel that it’s not worth reading (which would be sad), but I am focusing on writing and getting my thoughts out into the world now.

The other thing I am thinking about a lot is my purpose in life, and figuring out where my passion lies. I’ve suffered over my inability to draw lately and have realized (once again), that drawing is an interest that I am pretty good at, but not my passion. It used to be my passion, before it was replaced by writing. And what happened to this passion? Well, I started learning so much about writing that I got scared and lost all trust in my abilities. Trying to get this courage back and practicing is one of the reasons for this blog. It enables me to hone my writing skills, and produce great content with the immediate feeling of accomplishment. It is my start to writing and producing daily. (so far, it is working :))

Anyway, back to topic: Tracy Anderson.

As you might have read in one of my last posts, last week was not my best workout week. I was a victim of my depressive mood, and exercise didn’t come easy. Even though I’ve done at least 18 days of consecutive workouts, it was still too easy to fall back to doing nothing. But, even though I didn’t manage to blog about it, I did manage to get a bit done yesterday, and all of it today (hurray!).

My inability to face the workout the last couple of days has had one good thing though: I am getting more and more relaxed, and the thought that this is just some thing that I have to work off, is fading. At first it is easy to get into some sort of religious fanaticism with things like this, and you start beating yourself up about it, when you fail.

I’ll tell you a big fat juicy secret: I am not perfect.

Ha! You didn’t expect that now did you? (Although you’re not going to get much for this little piece of gossip from the magazines)

That’s it, I am not perfect, but I can do my best. Slowly this mindset is really sinking in. After a long time of self-neglect, I have really invested into myself during the last month, and I am proud of that. Even if I missed a day, or part of the workout: It will all build up over time. I am doing an average of four days of exercise a week and I think that’s really not that bad.

I am much more relaxed about myself. I have stopped forcing myself to have to apologize to you for missing a day or whatever I feel I am not doing right, because there is no need for me to defend myself. We all have our difficulties, and I started this entire challenge in the first place, to show you (realistically) how it could be going in someone elses life. So why am I beating myself up? If I miss a day, it is lost to no one but myself. This is not a green-card for slacking, but it does give me some relief. :)

So, on to the second review! (Chakaa!)


I bet this is the one section most of you are looking  forward to reading, because it’s less garble from lala-land and all about RESULTS!

Because I don’t weigh/measure myself during the 10 day intervals, this day is just as exciting for me, because I want to see some good numbers for all my work.

Before: (15.01.2012)

  • Weight: 64 kg
  • Arms: 30,5 cm
  • Chest: 93 cm
  • Waist (bellybutton): 77,5 cm
  • Waist (center of fat): 85,5 cm
  • Thighs: 59,5 cm


  • Weight: 62 1/2 kg
  • Arms: 28,5 cm
  • Chest: 91,4 cm
  • Waist (bellybutton): 74,6 cm
  • Waist (center of fat): 83,5 cm (After eating. I’m just not that smart sometimes)
  • Thighs: 57,2 cm

Wow! I think those numbers say it all! If you’ve read the other posts then you’ll know that the last 10 days really weren’t top-notch. Yet, I’ve still got some great results, and I’ve come a long way from the 15th of January. My weight was what surprised me the most today, as I had already given up to see any changes on the scales.

The workout of the last 10 days was really more about the butt than the legs, and due to my injured foot, I missed loads of cardio. Still, my thighs are getting smaller, which is one of the most important things for me. They feel lovely and firm on the outsides, and I can see where the toning is starting on the insides, and where the flab is hanging on for dear life. (I’ll get it sooner or later, take it outside, and smack it up!)

Definition is getting more and more visible all over my body, and I am feeling increasingly confident about myself as the challenge goes on.

The Diet

All in all, I think that I am on an upwards trend. I am starting to eat more vegetables, drinking more water, and eating less junk (although it’s still there in abundance).

Yesterday I didn’t really eat much during the day but the random tidbit, as I was glued to my research, and for dinner I was so inspired, that I wanted to go all out. I had read up on veganism and going raw all day, and I felt a surge of energy and passion for life. Reading up on something that interests me and writing a 14 page blog post about it, felt empowering!

Stuffed Baked Courgettes: (It’s the simplest thing to prepare in the world)


  1) Slice courgettes and remove the flesh. Pre-heat oven to 190° C

2) Chop the flesh with other vegetables of your choice (onions, garlic, peppers, carrots etc.)

3) Cook gently for approx. 10 minutes

4) Fill courgettes with the vegetables and place in oven for 25-30 minutes

5) Optional: Cook rice or prepare other side-dish

6) Serve and enjoy :)

I am a little weary of vegetable based dishes (I just love my sauces and pasta), but this was really good. I only seasoned it with some lemon juice and salt, while P. added some creme fraiche. (I forgot to make vegan sour-cream yet again). Turns out this is a really satisfying and doesn’t numb you after eating. Do you know how you get all lethargic and tired after eating large meals? Not with this one. I was bright awake and felt very active, which might be the reason I stayed up working until 6AM. ;)

For today we had another meal that was heavy on the vegetables, although it’s neither vegan, nor vegetarian. We still had some bacon and joghurt in the fridge, and even if I want to watch what I am eating, I am not going to throw anything away that I have already bought. This called for one of my favorite meals at a nearby restaurant that I figured out for myself.

DSC00773 (2) 1) Cook potatoes in their skin

2) Chop vegetables of your choice (I used courgettes, onions, garlic, yellow and red peppers)

3) Cook vegetables in pan until onions are starting to brown

4) Mix natural  yoghurt with vinegar, balsamic, and herbs of your choice

5) Chop some salad and serve on a plate with the potatoes and vegetables

6) Drizzle yoghurt-dressing over the salad and potatoes (optional: place bacon on top)

 I really tried to make this a dish full of vegetables, so that the bacon and yoghurt would be counterbalanced. P.’s empty plate said all about the taste and I’ve still got some bacon left for sandwiches tomorrow. (I’m evil, I know)


As I spent most of my time in bed and on the internet yesterday, I didn’t get any proper Tracy Anderson going. I did feel psyched for fresh air and some exercise though, so I went out for a short run/walk, while the courgettes were in the oven. (Now don’t get your knickers in a twist: P. was there to watch the food ;) ) It was amazingly refreshing to be out in the fresh air (I don’t leave the house if I can avoid it, at the moment) and return looking like a snow-man. I think it was somewhere between -4 and 0°C and this made it difficult for me to breathe while running. Of course I wasn’t prepared at all, and I haven’t been running for at least half a year. Nevertheless, I came home bursting with energy and dripping water all over the apartment. It was totally worth it.

Today I mustered the courage to pop in the Total Cardio Workout DVD and I felt that I had missed some days. Endurance is a fickle friend. After every dance combination I took a short break and aired the room. I know that Tracy doesn’t want you to train in an air-conditioned room, but with the heat I just can’t breathe.

After running yesterday and the cardio today, my legs are killing me now.


I am really excited about the workout for the next few days. I am able to do all movements without destroying my workout mat, and the level is starting to challenge me in a good way.

The arms part looks just like the others, but I noticed mid-way that it’s much harder. The movements are more precise and varied than before, and the different angles really tire out the big muscles quickly. I managed to do bot standing arms and arms with weight without bigger problems, although it got really hard to keep the arms up sometimes.

The abs section was as good as ever, and I managed it without problems. It is challenging but definitely doable.

The legs section was what made me happy the most today. As the last 10 days seemed to be more focused on the bum and hips, this week is entirely about the thighs. If I do it regularly I think there will be some visible improvements by week. The movements kept me interested throughout the workout, and I didn’t dread having to do the entire thing on the other leg too. I popped in my Harry Potter audiobook and listened to it while doing the workout. This way I wasn’t distracted, but had something to listen to, while doing 40 repetitions of a move.

I am very grateful for the amazing results I had today, even though I didn’t do the entire workout regularly. The week was a real challenge for me, but the way I feel at the moment and with the new workout section I think the next week will be way better. (Let’s see if I can walk my talk ;))

This is it for today, and as always: Leave me a note if you have any questions, or want more information!

I hope you got some helpful insights,

I send you all my love,


Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Days 19 and 20

I’m back. Sorry you had to wait for the newest updates on my workout. I know it’s day 20 and you’re looking for the review, but I wanted to save it for tomorrow, when I am really focused on it, and have the time.

To tell you the truth, I haven’t been feeling too great the last couple of days.

Do you know how it feels, when you are putting all your efforts into being positive and getting out of a slump, and then everything just collapses on you again? I think that is what happened to me. I am having real problems finding passion for anything, or just finding a direction for myself that will satisfy me for now.

Starting this 90 day challenge was my first attempt at  loving myself on a daily basis again. But then I wasn’t even motivated to do this one thing the last four days.

I am really struggling at the moment. The most simple tasks become a huge mental challenge to me and I feel like some crazy person starring at walls and not even getting dressed properly. I am barely able to disguise how empty I feel inside and how I am just holding all the threads together, from the people I love and want to protect most from feeling it could be their fault. Because it’s not their fault. There is no fault, I just need to start taking actions and listening to myself.

Right now, everything is drowned out by a headache that I assume has come from too much thinking about stuff. I am frantically looking for solutions to my problems and how to get out of this depressive mood for good.

This is not where or who I want to be. This has never been me. But I don’t have the answers, or I do have them, and don’t want to consider them for various reasons.

Nevertheless, you can imagine that if I had to rethink taking a shower or even getting dressed properly, doing Tracy was a huge effort. At the place I was mentally the last few days, I just didn’t want to do anything. I had no energy to do the “happy world, I love myself” routine. So I just stopped doing, and allowed myself to stare at walls, search for answers, think and read.

But, even though I wasn’t up for it, I still completed the second workout section. Not as gloriously as I would like, but I did it, and it’s enough for me.

This daily exercise is something I want to keep up for a long time, so I don’t beat myself up over individual days. The only thing I can do, is to honestly try to show up every day and give the best I can that day.

It’s really that simple :)

The Diet

As I was not in a very “I love myself” mode the last few days, you can imagine the diet isn’t anything special. Dare I say that there was also a McDonald’s relapse? I can’t recall all my eating details, but I’ll try to give them to you as far as I can remember :) 
On Wednesday I had the leftover fried rice with some cauliflower. It tasted really good, especially the vegetables, because I dressed them up a little. 
I steamed the cauliflower, and here is the simple yet delicious dressing: 
1) 3 tsp lemon juice + 2 tsp lime   
2) chop 1-2 cloves of garlic and mix with juice
3) Add about 3 tbsp of oil (or more if you want)
4) Add salt and pepper to taste
5) Drizzle over vegetables 
This tastes great with loads of veggies!
In the evening I had my McDonald’s relapse and had six chicken nuggets with large fries and a small fanta. To top it, I had a triple chocolate cookie.  (One of them is P’s) 

Thursday I had more fried rice and I made some pasta with ham, onions and cream-sauce.

Friday I had my almond milk cereal (still my favorite meal at the moment) and made myself a vegan version of my childhood comfort food: Semolina Pudding (Grießbrei)

Vegan Semolina Pudding (Not sugar free ;))

1) 1/2 l of non-dairy milk
2) Keep 8 tbsp in a separate bowl and bring rest
     of milk to boil
3) Mix 5 tbsp of semolina with the milk
4) Add 3 tbsp of sugar (or less if you want)
5) Add semolina mixture to pot of milk when it
    starts to boil
6) Stir for some minutes, fill into bowl or plate
     and let cool
7) Serve with a sprinkling of cinnamon and add
     your favorite fruits

I really love this little dish, even though it’s probably not the most weight reducing. I think it’s best when it has cooled down a little, and you can scrape off the individual layers… *hehe*

Today I finished off the last bit of my almond milk and cereal, and I know I am definitely going to buy more next week. I wasn’t hungry for most of the day, and when P. asked what I felt like I only said that I didn’t want to cook. So he volunteered, because he’s the great guy he is, and cooked us a lovely meal of chicken with cream sauce and mashed potatoes. We had a small piece of bread each with the meal, and it was just right for the night. (I left him most of my chicken, I just love the sauce with the potatoes :))

And that’s about it. I think it wasn’t too bad in hindsight, and I am proud of myself for thinking of something proper to eat in the first place; you’ll just like me, it’s not always easy.


Yeah, still nothing on this front. I am happy to say that I think my foot is good again, and that I will be able to return to cardio properly with the new workout section. As I was already proud when I managed to do the workout, I didn’t push it with the cardio. 


I did the workout yesterday and was just too exhausted to write about it to you at the time. The same nearly happened to me today. I was already snuggled up in bed, reading a book and just kept thinking: Is this the way you’re going to let it end? Just give up? You don’t have to get up tomorrow, why don’t you just go into the living room and do it now? 
And that’s what I did. I just switched on the TV and did it. Sure, it might not be my best performance ever, but that was not the important thing to me. At this stage of my challenge, it is just important that I show up and start changing my mindset towards doing workout. 
There is still loads of stuff wrong with my attitude towards it (more in the review), but I can feel how the workout is becoming more and more part of my routine. Something I feel I really need and have to do; a way to show my love towards myself. That I am taking care of my body. 
It can happen that I miss a day or two in between, but I am already doing a lot more than before. I have done 20 days of exercise in 26 days. This means I missed 6 days. 3 of these days were allowed free days. 
I am really OK with these results. The only thing I am not OK with, is giving up and letting everything go. I know that I am at a low point right now, but I am not done fighting. 
I send you all my love and want to reach out to all of you, who are struggling with the same feelings. You’re not alone, and we can do this! 

Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Day 17

Hey there my lovelies out there!

I am at the end of a great day as I write this to you, and I hope you also enjoyed your day! (tell me about your day :))

My day was full of taking care of myself, and enjoying some great food in the company of many nice people.

While the archive might still be barren of a large amount of great (not Tracy Anderson related) content, I would like to let you know that I’ve got a lot coming up! :)

I think the reason why I am very pleased with this day (even though I got nothing “real” done), is because I took the time to invest into myself. I am starting to create a daily routine that makes me feel more feminine and powerful in my self, and I look forward to exploring this side more. Stay tuned for the details *hehe*

Because I am just so thrilled about what hair, make-up and outfit can do to self-esteem, I’d like to show you how I left the house today:

 You can imagine that all I felt was elegance, femininity and just happiness about wearing an elegant outfit, styled hair and perfect make-up. AND: This look was accomplished in 30 minutes! Just shows that glamour doesn’t have to be a matter of hours spent in front of the mirror! :) (Just don’t get sidetracked by the Internet or other things while you are doing it…ähem.)

So, all in all a great day and a good start into the right direction!

The Diet

Boy, do I have some great things to share with you here today! 
First of all, I’d like to let you know, that I MADE IT! I finally managed to get my courage together and make a GREEN SMOOTHIE! *yey* 
I think I’ll name this one The Dreaded One

  • 1 apple
  • 1 pear
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup of spinach
  • 1 1/2 cups of water

After you’ve blended all these bits together, you’ll have green glup (as it goes with smoothies). Why did I call it the dreaded one? Because I hate spinach with a passion. When I was younger one of my Nannies (the Cinderella stepmother type) made spinach once a week especially, because she knew I hated it. She would let me sit in front of an entire bowl of spinach and not let me get up until I either ate it, or my Mam came to pick me up. This is why just the smell of spinach already sets me off.

But why be so stupid and put it in a smoothie, you ask? Well, because people on the Internet say you don’t taste the greens, and I decided it was time to face my fears. As it turns out, you really don’t taste the spinach much. The dominant flavour is the banana and there is just a tangy, earthy component to it, from the spinach. Nevertheless, ever sip I took, I expected the dreaded taste of spinach. It never came, but I also didn’t drink more than a small glass of the stuff. My nerves couldn’t take it.

Next week I will go out and by kale, the other hyped green in healthy-food world. And I might use apple juice instead of water tomorrow. After about 2 weeks of talking about it, I finally made a green smoothie…I’m happy!

Now to the really good stuff! A friend of mine and P’s celebrated his birthday today, and we all met up in a lovely Italian restaurant (he is Italian). Because I only had a glass of The Dreaded One today, I just let myself enjoy the food and really spoil myself.

P. and me (VERY HUNGRY)

Here a starter plate that P. shared with me:


It was delicious! I had most of the vegetables. The courgettes were AMAZING! (really have to find out how to make them taste like that) In addition I had one slice of bread and a little mozzarella and just a taste of the meat.

As my main course, I ordered my all time favorite, as I am not cooking it at home anymore: Tagliatelle in cream sauce. *swoon* This is really my all time favorite meal.

I could eat it again just looking at this picture……

But this is not where the good stuff ends. There is more! *muehehe* Because I hadn’t eaten all day, and because I felt glamorous enough to say “hey, I can have dessert”, I had dessert! My favorite Italian (?) dessert: Profiteroles + (of course) a cup of tea

It was perfect. After I finished my cup of tea, I was pleasantly full, but not bursting. And I really liked the thought of small pleasures that I save for myself, without guilt. Having this meal was way more fulfilling mentally, as some random biscuit or junk-food at home, or at McDonald’s. Making it a proper event, with my beloved tea, that’s what made the difference, and I am not going back to mediocre!


I didn’t do the cardio today, as I wanted to give my feet a little rest, but I think that I will be able to get back on the cardio track from either tomorrow or Wednesday. I will give it a try tomorrow and Wednesday, if it still doesn’t get better, then I’ll stop by at the hospital to have it checked out. 
I was also thinking of substituting one of the cardios for a little run outside, as I never seem to get out of the house. Now that I’ve mentioned this thought, let’s see when I put it to the test ;) (Usually takes a while…just think how long I needed for green smoothie)


The workout went really well today, as I was very focused. I had started watching the DVD on my laptop, while the TV was on, but I noticed that it did affect my workout, and I was starting to take ages. I would just open my mail between cardio and workout, or get distracted by what was on TV. But not today! Today I had the workout on my TV and just popped in an audio CD of one of the most inspiring women I know: Rori Raye. If every woman knew what she has to say, there would be no divorces, cheated women, women with low self-esteem, no drama-girls, toxic relationships, or anything in that arena.
I can’t really do her credit here, but I will devote a post to her in the future for sure. Here is her blog if you want to have a look (I suggest you subscribe for the newsletter – it’s great) and let me know what you think, or if you have questions! To me, she is the sort of women I want to become. She is the butterfly as far as becoming a feminine and strong women goes. 
I am looking forward to the new workout already, though, just shows how impatient I can be :D
That’s it from me today, but I am really feeling good while I am writing this to you. I could be upset about the amount, or what I ate, or that I couldn’t do cardio today – but I’m not. I took care of myself, I did the first step in a changed future and I still managed to invest in my workout and enjoy the company of friends. 
Today was really a good day. 
I send you all my love and positive energy, 

Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Day 16

I think I am slowly getting there!

I started the workout at 2PM today, and I am actually writing this post to you before 8PM! (My very first time)

Well, if this isn’t positive progress, I don’t know what is.

I had trouble with my left foot again, and I think I will let a doctor have a look at it on Monday. I hope that doesn’t set me back now, because the second part is really tough. You don’t have the same amazing results, and my body is still adjusting to my daily exercise.

After 16 days of exercise I can really feel my legs and body getting more and more tired, and I hope that this will get better over the next few weeks. Although I have been doing my workouts earlier now, I am still not using them as what they should be. The workout is still dominating my day and mind. It seems that every day revolves around doing this one hour of exercise. How crazy is that?

My problem is that workout is holding everything up. I don’t shower or get ready before, so when I don’t do it on time, but have to leave the house, I look like a mess. Which means….the workout really needs to be the first thing in the morning (after a cup of tea, of course) and I still need to get up earlier.

I feel tired just thinking of getting up earlier ;)
As I am more a “sleeping beauty” kind of person, how do you manage to get up in the mornings? Do you have any tricks you could share with me?

The Diet

I forgot to do my smoothie today :(
It’s just the same as with the workout. If you don’t get up early enough, then having a green breakfast smoothie just doesn’t work. New try tomorrow! (Chakaaa) 
I did do my sausages with self-made potato salad though and I am very proud about how it turned out. I used my dad’s recipe for the first time, and it tasted great. 
I am sorry it looks a bit bloody, but the juice from the beet-root just went EVERYWHERE. (Good you can’t see the kitchen) The sausages are an Austrian speciality called “Berner Würstl” and for some reason I just had to have them this week. The have bacon wrapped around them and I think that there is also a little cheese inside. So, total overkill on things I actually want to avoid….ah well. 
How I made the potato salad:
  1. Cook potatoes in their jackets until soft but still firm
  2. Take them out of the water and let cool, until you can touch them
  3. Peal the potatoes and cut them into approx. 0,5 cm thick slices
  4. Mix vegetable cube with 200ml of hot water, so you get vegetable brought 
  5. Add vinegar to taste (I used 6 large spoons) 
  6. Salt and pepper the potatoes, then pour the fluid over them and let soak for an hour
  7. I cut up an onion and sprinkled some bits onto my salad


Cardio didn’t go so well today. I started with the metamorphosis cardio, but had to stop after 10 stop-and-go minutes. My left heel and knee were really making me feel uncomfortable, and I couldn’t get into the cardio at all. I’ll try the other cardio tomorrow again, as it wasn’t as bad with that one. 
I think that my legs are just getting tired now, and that I need to be more light-footed. 


The workout, as opposed to the cardio, went really well today. I took off my shoes to do the workout and it helped me with one of the movements. As I told you before, I’ve been destroying my mat with two of the movements, but without shoes it’s much better. 
An can really feel the difference in my arms and legs by now, even though I might not see too much change around my waist and tummy. I think that it takes some time to really see the big results, and I’ve made before pictures, so that we can have a first look after 30 days. 
My goal for tomorrow is to make my smoothie and start the workout before 12. 

Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Day 15

As I have been saying that I wanted to do the workout earlier, and I’ve never kept to my word, I would like to introduce a new set of rules to this challenge:

  • The workout has to be started before 8PM
  • If I fail to start before 8PM, due to procrastination, I am not allowed do the workout anymore
I know that this might seem counterproductive to my goal, but it is the only way I force myself to respect myself and my body. 
I have been slipping into the bad habit of starting my workouts after 11PM or even later, because I never felt like starting. After more than two weeks of this, I just had enough. Starting late not only reduces my chances of doing the workout at all, it also affects the quality and results. 
You can imagine that I am  not focused when I start my workouts at 12AM, and that I get impatient and start fidgeting around, wasting time. (A workout that takes an hour, can take up to 2 1/2 hours with me.)
Of course I am allowed start the workout late, if there really isn’t any other time in the day, but as I am currently on vacation…..I don’t see why this should happen to me too soon.  
It is important to me, to not just create a habit of doing some random jumps and leg lifts, but to create an exercis routine that really gives me a boost for the day. If I only do it at night, tired and unmotivated, how can I expect great results? Exactly :)
As soon as university starts again, I want to have created the habit of doing my workouts in the early morning, after a coup of tea and a good book, then showering and taking care of how I look.

The Diet

I stuck to my word yesterday, and I only had a little piece of P’s banana cake with a cup of tea for breakfast and a nice bowl of soup for dinner. As it’s still very cold here in Austria, having a nice bowl of soup was just the right thing!
Because I spent my fist day on vacation just relaxing in bed, I didn’t really eat anything properly until I made dinner. As I love vegan and vegetarian options for dinner, I thought I’d follow my good friend Tatsy Skreinig’s post from yesterday with an easy and quick vegan dish. (I also have sausages wrapped in bacon with potato salad on my menu for this week, wouldn’t have been ideal for today ;))
I am trying to eat more and more vegan, as I have an allergy against milk-products (I get tired), and so I really needed to find something that would replace my beloved cream sauce. I just love pasta with cream sauce and onions, and I am not ready to give it up. For this weeks menu I wanted a vegan cream that I could use for pasta and I found this great and very easy recipe from The Gluten Free Vegan (how perfect for me) 
Unfortunately, I’m quite a messy at the moment, and so I don’t know where I put my mobile cable, so I can’t transfer the photos here right now. (I’ll upload the photos as soon as I’ve won the war against my mess) 
As I didn’t read the instructions correctly, I didn’t let the cashews soak in water long enough, and I think it affected the results of my sauce. I didn’t manage to get it as creamy as shown in the original recipe and I think I’ll just have to give it another try, and actually read the instructions properly. 
I added some nutmeg in the end and it really rounded it all off nicely. I was very suspicious about the cream sauce at first, and I didn’t eat a huge amount, but it was actually pretty nice. Especially the nutmeg created the same taste that I get, when I make my usual sauce for tortellini. I didn’t make any mushrooms (yuck!), but added some sweetcorn and peas and carrots. All in all a filling and  quick’n’easy meal. 
I also gave my gluten-free pasta a chance today and I must say, I’m impressed. I think they tasted great and you wouldn’t know that they weren’t regular pasta at all! The only downside is that the pack costs nearly double what the normal pasta would cost here. I used the Fusilli “Free From” from Spar. (Not sure how international this product is)
As a sort of night and blog-writing snack, I am having a cup of tea and a biscuit from IKEA right now. Originally I had placed two biscuits on my little saucer, but then decided that one would be perfect as a treat, while two would just be too much.
I still haven’t managed to make myself a green smoothie (I just hate kale and spinach), but tomorrow I am going to do it! 
I found new inspiration from my idol Dita von Teese, who drinks a greenie EVERY DAY!  (She also eats some amazing things.) I love how she makes food an occasion. She doesn’t just stuff her face, but has all these quick and easy options (she loves avocadoes) without dieting. 
That’s my ultimate goal: Turning food and it’s preperation into something glamorous and body worshipping. You can’t ever go wrong (or over-weight) with that, right?


Cardio was nothing special today, as I didn’t really give it my all. I was more or less just going through the routines without really trying hard and giving up easier. I still did the Total Cardio Workout, as I need to go easy on my left legt. For some reason my heel is really hurting and I don’t want it to turn into something serious. I also just enjoy the music from this cardio workout, as it’s very fast and with a good beat. (I love a good beat) 
What I love most about it though, is what most people hat: The mistakes. Tracy and her other three trainers learn the dances while filming the cardio breakdown, and then straight away go into the dances themselves. This of course means, that there are some wrong movements, or other miss-haps that just make them seem so human. I love that. You can make as many mistakes as you want, doesn’t mean that your workout is going to be bad. I also really enjoy looking at one of the other trainers (Amy, I think), who is just so beautiful and full of energy. Whenever I need to motivate myself, or want to know how to get the maximum out of the routine, I look at her. 


Workout was good, I think. I can do the arms part pretty well by now and the abs section, even though it’s challenging, is getting easier every day. Legs is of course my big challenge, but I think it’s going good. There are two movements where you have all your weight on your legs that I still can’t do completely and that is the reason I am destroying my mat. Because all my weight is in my legs, my feet are ripping off the top layer of my mat and I have to reshift a couple of times during each session. As it’s a cheap mat I don’t mind, but if you have an expensive one, be careful. 
I was much happier with myself today, because I started my workout without hesitation, at a set time, and just did it. I am sorry that I missed yesterday, but I guess that’s just the real-life experience. Some days are just better than others, and I am constantly learning. I don’t list the days I miss, so if today is day 15, then I really have done 15 days of exercise. I intend to include three bonus days after day 19 and then only do the review, as the results will be more acurate. 
I hope you are taking care of yourself, and not putting yourself under pressure. Just relax and enjoy whatever you are doing, and if you screw up sometimes, just keep going. 
I am not accepting failure, but I am learning from it!

“Succes consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”    (Winston Churchill) 

Lots of love, 

Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Day 13 and 14

Another day has come to an end, and I am happy to tell you that I didn’t give in to my lazy-gene. :)

Yesterday was a little tough, and I missed the workout, but at least I did the cardio. We were out on Kitten business again, and I had to prepare for an exam that I didn’t go to today (ups) and we stayed longer at friends than I thought.

And P. just pointed out to me that I didn’t mention that we actually made it to go shopping properly (yay).

I think that today went really well. I finished another post for you, and watched two movies that I really love: Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride and Burlesque Christina Aguilera and Cher + actually doing my workout.

It was another late night (only started after 12AM), but the more days I can tell you about, the prouder I get. I might not be managing everything that I want, and I might not have it all together, but at least this is starting to sum up!

So here it is :)

The Diet

Hm, although I went shopping and my main menu was in accord with the plan, the rest wasn’t.
Yesterday we went to friend’s to have raclette and it was amazing. I am sorry I don’t have any pictures, but it was so yummy! I had two potatoes, cheese and onions, some butter and sweet-corn. As a dessert we had raspberries with mascarpone cream. (I probably ate half of the cream while preparing the dessert) 
Today I had two slices of toast with butter and jam and a cup of tea + a glass of orange juice for breakfast. 
For dinner we had the wraps again, although this time I only had it with some fruit instead of chicken (and P. was drinking REAL coke ;))
For some reason I also had an ice when I got bored and was craving something sweet to eat. 
Tomorrow I really want to relax on the food and also save the time I would spend cooking. This is why I intend to actually make one of the smoothies on my list, and have soup for my main meal. I think that would make me feel a little better about food and also support my workout. I don’t really need to eat that much in general, it’s just the random quick-fix food that is screwing up my efforts (actually it’s my decisions…but anywaaaay). 


Yesterday and today I did the Total Cardio Workout instead of the Metamoprhosis cardio. I needed some change, and I also wanted to go a little easier on my legs. The Total Cardio Workout has four dances that have short and easy to memorize choreographies and great music. It’s very up-beat, and knowing the moves and where to put my weight, has relieved my legs of some of the strain. 
My left heel has been hurting a bit the last three days, and I can notice how my legs are tired after two weeks of cardio. 
That’s why I did about 21 minutes of dance cardio for the last two days. I intend to go back to the Metamorphosis cardio tomorrow, as I still have to master it :)


As I already mentioned above, I didn’t do the workout yesterday. I had done the cardio very early (about 2PM) and then didn’t have the time to attach the workout straight away. After we had dinner and watched a movie at our friends place, I just couldn’t conjure the energy needed to motivate myself to start at 2AM and with a full tummy. 
But not today! Today I just let the whole pressure to do the workout go, and just did it when I felt it was the time. After I had finished my other post and had a great talk with my mom, I really felt excited about the workout. I was looking forward to investing time and energy into my body. This is also where my resolution for the meal plan for tomorrow came from. The desire to really start taking care of myself. 
In this workout it is really important to keep your shoes on (I usually like to take them off, after the cardio) and to be very secure in your movements. The second workout has two movements that are really hard and also damaging to my workout-mat. I made a picture after the last four days of the second workout part and even though it’s bad quality, you can still see the damage my shoes have done to the surface. 
This is one of five 
As this was a cheap mat, I don’t know how more expensive mats look with this workout. 
I really want to invest more energy into my workouts and really boost the results for my day 20 review. With Tracy Anderson it’s really about input is output. 
I hope you’re well, and if you have any questions, or want more details, just let me know :)

Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Day 12 1/2

Wow…today was a toughy!

So many things came together today that I only managed to do the workout in the end.
I just finished it a couple of minutes ago (3:26AM) and I know that my workout habits
are really not ideal!

I’ve slipped into the “sleep in late, go to bed really late” habit, and it’s going to be my target
for the next week. I want to go to bed latest 12 and get up before 10 AM. (yeah…poor student)

I had the opportunity to do the workout at around 1PM today, but I was still in bed and couldn’t motivate myself to do it while P. was at the doctors. But: I did use that time to create some content for this blog :) Not all time was wasted.

After that the day just seemed to get out of control. We brought our kitten to the vet at around 4, and Boo was diagnosed with panleukopenia (cat-plague?). Of course I started researching like mad as soon as I was back home, but what I found didn’t really cheer me up. The survival rate is at 25%. But I am really hoping that we will make it through. When I look at Boo, I can’t imagine that she could be dying at the moment…she looks and feels too alive. That’s why I believe she will make it; I didn’t pick her for no reason, she’s a fighter!

Boo is watching you :)

The other reason I was spending my time procrastinating, was that I should be preparing for an exam. The exam is scheduled for Wednesday, and I only started looking at the scripts today…

I know I could’ve managed my time better, and also done a better job at TA, but I’m still just starting out. It takes time to create the habit of exercise, and just the fact that I showed up for the workout in the middle of the night is already a win! (Also: Thanks to P. for kicking me in the ass and making me do it)

The Diet

You don’t really want to know what happened to my diet today…I don’t even know. I’ve got this amazing menu for the entire week, and I didn’t even make it to the shops to buy what I need. I am a little short on money at the moment too, so I was also scared that I might not be able to finance anything else but junk food that is cheaper. In the end we just didn’t go shopping, and ended up having frozen pizza.

I ate about half of mine with the addition of ice cream. I hadn’t eaten anything properly the entire day, so I absolutely set myself up for the crap-food-fest that I had in the evening. When I came home at 10 PM from a study-date with a friend, I was craving bread and so I made myself two sandwiches with a cup of tea.

I still feel sick from them nearly five hours later. I feel sick and disappointed that I am consistently making the wrong food decisions. This is the reason I want to cut sweets out of my menu entirely. It’s OK to have a little something once in a while, but it is not good to just eat it because it’s around, or because I am bored. That just shows my emotional relationship to food.

Tomorrow I’m going shopping FOR REAL!


Here are the 6 reasons I didn’t do the cardio today:
  • I had the excuse that my foot was hurting
  • I didn’t use my window of opportunity
  • I didn’t ask P. to leave the living room 
  • I didn’t want to do it 
  • It’s too late to do the cardio at 3AM
  • I drag it out for so long that I get tired and less motivated
As I think that the cardio is very important for my personal fitness goal, the next days will be about doing it before 8 PM. This way I am still fit and it’s not too late.


I am very proud that I did the workout. I could really feel the arms today and the abs section kills me now. There are one or two moves that I just can’t do without flopping onto the floor. I’ve read that some women think the standing abs section is hilarious, or even ridiculous; the only women who say that, are those that have not yet done it right. If you really do the standing abs with total focus on your belly…it’s a killer, and there is no question that it does something for your body. (It’s also great fun :))
The legs part is going much better, although I wasn’t all there today. As it is so later, and I knew that I still had to report back to you, I got sloppy towards the end. I did work up a good sweat though, and it was definitely worth it. :)
I can feel that this weeks workout is going to really show in my results, and I am thinking of doing the bonus days (those I’ve missed) with this workout section. 
Today was yet another example of how I don’t want my workout days to go, and I’ll start implementing my new rules this week. 
For now I want to wish you well, 
Shauna :)

Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Day 11

I just finished researching the menu for next week and I am a little exhausted.

It’s not easy to find meals that are gluten-free and dairy-free and that appeal to me. (I’m a picky eater) I have integrated some meals that I am a little weary off, and I still can’t get around to eating salads. (meh…)

I’ve been browsing the web for at least four hours now, with the occasional procrastination, and I think I’ve found some interesting options, and blogs. It’s not all gluten, or dairy-free and I’ve still got meat included, although I want to start finding tasty alternatives.

As I am also a little short on money at the moment, I will have to see how much the entire week will cost me, and come up with some compromises. :)

Today was also the first day of my new workout-section and boy was this one a challenge! I am very pleased of the changes, and there were some pretty cool moves included that I haven’t seen so far. Was verry happy and I think I will have more enthusiasm for the workout!

The Diet

As I have already mentioned above, I finally managed to make a menu for the week. My long-term goal is to have a 80% dairy-free and gluten-free diet, but it’s something that needs to become a habit. 
I’ve tried to change my diet from one day to the other, and it just killed all my passion for food. I felt deprived instead of excited about all the new possibilities. 
Now I have decided to just take it slowly and to increase the percentage of the desired foods over time. This way I can still have some of the foods I love, but a predominantly healthy diet. I hope to find some “go-to” recipes during the next few weeks, to make the weekly planning easier. 
Menu (let’s see what will happen to it during the week, the order might change a little)
Monday:       1) — pre-shopping meal ;)               2) Salad with chicken stripes
Tuesday:      1) Fruit Smoothie                             2) Raclette with friends
Wednesday: 1) Strawberry-pear smoothie           2) Vegan Creamy Pasta
Thursday:     1) Raw Buckwheat porridge           2) Wraps with fruit and rice (+ vegan sour cream)
Friday:          1) Apple-Pear-Banan smoothie       2) Oregano Chicken with Broccoli and Cauliflower
Saturday:      1) Mango Breakfast Parfait             2) Potatoes with Baconstrips and Salad
Sunday:         1) Cinnamon apple crunch muffins  2) Sausages with potato salad
Today P. and I had some great things to eat, even though they might not be everyday options. But, vegetables were involved! ;)
For breakfast I really wanted to have something sweet, so apple-cakes it was :) I’ve been thinking of making these for the last couple of days. When P. told me to finally do something with the apples rotting away in our kitchen, I knew the time was right. 
Here is how I made them: 

1) Prepare pancake batter. I used soy-milk (although I’d like to try almond-milk) and whole wheat flour.
2) Peel apples and remove the core
3) Cut apples into thin slices and cover in batter
4) Heat some oil (or whatever you like to use) and fry the apple-cakes until they are crispy and brown 
5) Add fruits, lemon juice, cinnamon or sugar to taste (I had prunes again :D)
I loved this dish for breakfast. Gave me a nice warm feeling while looking at the snow outside. 
I was pretty good when it came to snacking today, as I only had two little lapses. Lapses might not seem like the right word, as I want to allow myself one treat a day.
While cooking I had a slice of bread with butter and cheese on it that I stuck into the microwave. For some reason I really wanted to have old bread with molten cheese….
For dinner we had a variation of my cream sauce with chicken, as we really needed to use up the chicken in the fridge, before it started walking and talking. 
Instead of mashed potato, we had some penne with the sauce I mentioned here, and I didn’t cut the chicken into strips. 
I found a can of carrots and peas in my pantry, and thought they would go really well with the other ingredients. 
As it turns out, it all tasted amazing together. This is really one of my new favorite dishes. 
Maybe I can find a good substitute for the 50g of creme fraiche that I use to make the sauce creamy. 
Having peas and carrots today, really showed me that I want to incorporate more vegetables and fruits into my diet. It’s so easy to slip into a processed, heavy and fast-food diet when you have limited time for cooking. 
But there are so many great women and men out there cooking amazing and healthy things that I am sure I will find enough inspiration :)


Cardio was sort of a fail today. I was not motivated at all to begin with, and it didn’t get better. I was bored of routine, and this led to very heavy movements. After 21 minutes I switched the DVD player off and gave up for today. My feet and legs were really hurting, due to my heavy and careless movements, and so I stopped before I really injured myself. 
As a counter action I might do one of Tracy’s other cardios tomorrow, to change it up a little.


I was really impressed by the new workout today! After I was so bored last week, I think the new movements will keep me motivated for a while. I haven’t seen any of these movement before, and there is enough alternation to keep it interesting.

There is a noticeable change in the speed of the workout and I really felt challenged. The movements are quicker and there is more variation in the angles than before. Even though I am used to Tracy’s other arm workouts, this one is very different.

It is also one of those times that I really noticed that she doesn’t give many instructions. It was more apparent in the legs part than before, but because she switches the routine so often and quickly, it was hard to follow at times.

All in all, I am very happy with the new workout and I think that day 20 will show even better results :)

I’d love to know if you are currently working on a new workout routine, or maybe even a dietary change, and how you are approaching it all!

Take care,

Shauna :)

Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Day 10 and Review

Yey! Day 10 has arrived and so has my first big review day!

Preparing today’s post has taken me even longer than usual, but I hope that the content will make up for it :)

10 days of exercise – phew! (my friend Natalia on the right :))

Somehow it’s been a very long but also short week. I am very proud that I managed to finally do an exercise regime for more than two days. It has happened so often that the smallest obstacle would totally throw me, but this time I just moved on no matter what happened. I also think that this is thanks to you. You make me feel accountable and keep me going, even if it gets hard. Thank you!

Today I’ve also got a little something for you: A VIDEO!! *muahaha* It’s my very first video ever, and I hope it will give you an insight into my daily cardio workout :)


  • Weight: 64 kg
  • Arms: 30,5 cm
  • Chest: 93 cm
  • Waist (bellybutton): 77,5 cm
  • Waist (center of fat): 85,5 cm
  • Thighs: 59,5 cm
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Arms: 29 cm
  • Chest: 92 cm
  • Waist (bellybutton): 76 cm
  • Waist (center of fat): 84 cm
  • Thighs: 58 cm
As you can see, I’ve lost approx. 1,5 cm in most areas, which is a lot for 10 days. I have … reasons why I have an extra kg now. 
  1. Muscle weighs more than fat – maybe it’s really the case that I have an extra kg of muscle now ;)
  2. I gained 1 kg because I wasn’t watching what I was eating
  3. The 4,50€ scale is just not trustworthy – I have a different weight every time I get onto that stupid thing
Whatever the reason is, this is why you get a measuring tape with the Metamorphosis package. Even though my weight might indicate that I only gained weight during the last week, my measurements clearly show that a lot has changed. (yey)
I also noticed a big improvement in my calves. They are firmer  than before, with clear muscle definition. This is also true for my thighs, even though I’ve still got some fat to lose there.

The Diet

As you know, I’ve sort of chickend out from the original diet and I still need to get sorted with my healthy weekly menu for next week. I was at a friends place today, where she showed me her amazing menu-planer and also calorie counter. It’s a program called fddb (only in German) and you can log what you’ve been eating and create your own menus. She plans her menus every Sunday and then goes shopping once a week. I admire her discipline and organization, and I will try doing the same from Monday on. 
For breakfast I had my usual sandwich (it just doesn’t get boring) with lettuce and some ham and a cup of tea. In between, I had about 10 toffifee’s (little chocolates) because I just couldn’t help myself, and then we visited friends to make some sushi.
P. making sushi with EVERYTHING in it :)
I’ve never actually made sushi before and to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of them anyway. I don’t like fish and eating sushi with avocados just doesn’t do it for me. Nevertheless, making them was fun :)

I only  had four in total, but you wouldn’t believe how fast these two plates where empty :) 
And, since I didn’t eat sushi, I had two small toasts with a little butter and cheese. 


Cardio nearly killed me today :) Because I was trying to impress you and P. I actually tried to perform the cardio; I am clearly not ready for that yet. 
Especially for you, as a first time review special, I prepared a little video. It’s not movie-magic, but I think it will be enough for it’s purpose. 
I am sorry, if I seem a little flustered in the video, but I was really nervous to start with, and P. had just given me the shock of my life 10 minutes before. I have a huge fear of faces just turning up in front of my window, and P. did just that. While I was preparing my camera, he went out on the balcony and then just shouted and pressed his face against the window. I nearly cried that’s how frightened I was. And he had just scared me half an hour before, when I went outside the kitchen….it’s all his fault really :) 
Still, I hope you can benefit from this little video, it took a lot of courage :)

Sorry for the bad quality, but I didn’t find a better way to upload this video here. I couldn’t upload it from my computer, so I had to upload it to YouTube (which I didn’t really want) and this is the result. Meh…

I really hope it works for you now, and please leave me a note, if you have problems viewing!


I’ve been complaining about the workout for a week now, as it is very similar to the mat-workout I have already done, and it didn’t really challenge me. I am looking forward to my new workout section tomorrow and hope that it will be more challenging and exciting :) 
The only other thing that I can say here, is that a fitness mat makes life so much easier. I wouldn’t do my workout without one now! (Thank you P. for spoiling me and buying me one :))

Kitten News

I know that this has nothing to do with the workout, but I’ve been writing a little about my new kitten Boo, and so I wanted to update news on her too :)
Sadly, it’s not looking too good. We put her on a black tea and chicken diet (because of her diarrhea), but it doesn’t seem to work. Today she was really bad again, stinking the place up and dripping little surprises for us all over the living room. 
Makes me sad to think that I have her for two weeks now, and I couldn’t enjoy being a cat-mommy at all. As Boo is a farm-cat, she is still shy (although getting better), and being sick just makes things worse. I know that I don’t like people getting to close when I’m ill, so I can’t even blame her for hissing and being all moody. 
P. and I will take her to the vet on monday, if things don’t go better, and I really hope she will make it through this whole thing. She’s so cute and beautiful, and I don’t want my first kitten do die on me after two weeks. So lets pray that everything will go well :)
I took me AGES to get this post finished for you guys and now it’s time for me to go to bed.
Let me know what you think, and how things are working for you, 

Pick an Excuse: The 8 Most Common Excuses for not doing the Tracy Anderson Method

This is a post that I have been thinking about for a while now. As you know I am a big fan of the results you can achieve with the help of Tracy Anderson’s work, and it’s the reason I am doing her Metamorphosis Omnicentric program. But the comments you can find on Amazon, were the real reason I wanted to document my journey for you. 

When I started out with Tracy Anderson two years ago, I was worried that I had bought yet another fad. Now, after two years of personal experience, reading those comments that made me so unsure back then, now make me feel angry.  I don’t want to defend any deficiencies or mistakes, but I want to oppose some of the “expert” comments you can find out there. I don’t accept half-truths, or even blatant lies from people who are either uninformed, or following their own agenda.

I really don’t want to sound mean or sarcastic, but I really hate it when we are fed lies about something. 
You can think about TA what you want, but this thought should be based on truth and experience, not crap.

 In order to give you a different perspective on some of the most common excuses and truths, here are my thoughts on the subject:

Excuse 1#: The choreography is too hard; don’t even try!

This is the most frequent complaint that I have come across on Amazon and it is often given by alleged master-class dancers, with at least 50 years of experience (sorry for the sarcasm).
Please don’t let this half-hearted complaint discourage you. 

Yes, it could be that you find the dances tricky at first, and you might need some time to get into the choreography. So what? Just be patient with yourself and learn as you go. I did nothing else. There is no expectation that you need to know all the dances by heart after your first day.  

Don’t let any self-proclaimed dancing experts, who couldn’t figure out the choreography of the first dance in two weeks, be the judges of your capability! 

If you give yourself some time, you’ll soon be flying through the routines.

Personal Experience: 

It took me about two weeks to learn all 8 dances on one cardio DVD, so that I could really start performing them. I just enjoyed learning them and dancing, no matter how bad it might’ve looked at first. 

In order to learn the choreography, I started looking at the combination breakdown of the first dance once and then started the actual routine. I just hopped through the room trying to follow her steps and free-styled whenever I couldn’t follow. The next day I did the same thing with the second dance and added the first dance from the day before. This way I learnt the new choreographies, while constantly repeating the others and slowly increasing time and effort needed to do the workout.

Excuse/Truth 2#: The DVD’s are badly made and the instructions are confusing and frustrating

“The standing abs is hard to follow. She just moves and expects you to do the same without telling you what she is doing.”

“This DVD is one long DVD that has No OPTIONS. If you have to stop for any such reason, you can’t get Back to where you were by Fast forwarding. When You Push Fast Forward it goes back to menu!”

This is an issue that I have noticed myself starting out with the DVDs. Tracy doesn’t give many instructions on her DVD’s, and getting started can be a little harder than with other workouts. Many women who said that they had experience with instructions on DVDs, expressed that Tracy gave bad and unprofessional instructions. 

Since I don’t have that sort of knowledge, I can only speak for myself. I can understand why some women might have a problem with the way she breaks down her dances, or how she just moves through the workout without saying a word.

Personal Experience: 

I know that this might bother some people, but I didn’t really care. I learnt the dances by watching her, and the same goes for the workout. After you’ve done the exercises for a few days, you’ll know the routines by heart anyway. This is where I was very happy that she didn’t talk all the time. You are supposed to do her workouts six times a week for at least 30 days, and I was already annoyed enough by what she said after a week.

It is true that she does not give instructions like on other DVDs, but: Is that really the reason you cannot benefit from her otherwise good materials?

Excuse/Truth 3#: There are mistakes on her DVDs

On the dance cardio of the triple DVD-set, there are obvious mistakes in the third and fourth dance routine. Tracy leaves out some steps, or continues with a different part of the dance. Although unusual for a professional workout DVD, these mistakes are not as profound as others would let you think. Yes they are annoying because you paid money for something that you expected to be finished and flawless, but they are not so bad that you couldn’t profit from the product.

Personal Experience: 

At first the mistakes were confusing and I thought I had missed something. But, the better I got with the dances, the less I cared, and the less it bothered me. I would either copy her mistake to be able to synchronize with her moves, or I would just continue with the correct routine on my own. At some point I looked forward to the mistakes, because they told me how much longer I still had to dance J
There are definitely some flaws on her DVDs, where as a paying customer you would wish that she took more care before publicizing her workouts. Yet, even though they might be a little annoying at first, the flaws have nothing to do with the effect of her workouts. 

Basically, you have three choices:
  1.         You can refrain from buying the DVD because it’s not perfect
  2.         You can buy the DVD and use the flaws as an excuse to not do the workout
  3.  3.   You can just ignore the flaws since they don’t impact anything and just benefit from her work

Option three has worked perfectly well for me so far J

The DVDs aren’t perfect, but the content is good. Even if the only thing you take away from her is the desire to look and feel like a real woman, I’m already happy.

Excuse 4#: She is constantly checking herself out

“I did not like the style of the video in that Tracy Anderson was more concerned about how cute she was instead of making an effort to put together a professional video”

Really? Is this what is keeping you from taking care of your body?

I can totally understand that we identify with different instructors and workout styles, but I love how so many complain about how she looks at herself. She actually mentions this in her book. 

While doing a class-session, one of the women just walks out. After Tracy asks for the reason, one of the women explains that this other women just didn’t want to do this workout with an instructor who was constantly checking herself out. Tracy responds that she looks at herself so closely, in order execute her movements perfectly. She wants to do the movements as accurate and focused as possible, which means she is constantly checking her posture and the details of her exercise.

Personal Experience: 

I remember that I though she always looked very serious, until I started one of her other DVDs. In the cardio with her other master-trainers, she is all smiles and motivation, while in the workout she is just being normal. I personally don’t like the grinning, hyper-motivated instructors; they just get on my nerves after awhile. 

For me Tracy just looks like I do while working out. Normal. (Although she looks slightly more concentrated) In the cardio part of the metamorphosis program, Tracy looks very sweet, genuine and is smiling in a pleasant way. 

In the workout, however, she just gets down to work. No need to grin all the time.

If you don’t like her personality and think you can’t overcome your aversion towards her in order to benefit from her products, then it’s totally fine to look for someone else. 

But please don’t discourage other women who could really enjoy her work, just because you don’t like the way she looks.

Excuse 5#: I don’t have enough space

As with every cardio or aerobics routine, the more space you have to throw yourself about, the better! The cardio section is particularly important for the TA workouts, as it makes up an entire half of your workout. But even for TA, it isn’t necessary to have a huge amount of space.

 I do the routine without any major problems in a space of approx. 4.5m2. Before I moved into the apartment I am currently living in, I did the cardio in a space of approx. 3m2. If you don’t have a huge amount of space, it just means you can’t be as elaborate in your movements as when you have more space. 

I think most of us have at least enough space to do the cardio on a smaller scale and more controlled, otherwise a dance cardio DVD, or elaborate aerobics routine, wasn’t the wisest purchase.

Personal Experience:

 Although I sometimes wish that I had more space, I can do the cardio perfectly fine in the space I have. Instead of moving through the room like Tracy does, I just stay on the spot and try to put as much power into my movements as possible.

Excuse 6#: I’m an emancipated woman, who is she to tell me I shouldn’t use more than 3 pound weights?

If you look at the core principles of the TA method, you will understand why she advises no more than 3 pound weights. Her program is built to create a feminine body, without excess bulk. 

In the first workout week of metamorphosis, she actually explains why she doesn’t want you to use more than 3 pound weights: If you use more than 3 pound weights, your muscles will bulk. This means higher maintenance of your muscles when you are older. If you have bulky muscles and stop working out at the same level, your skin will start sagging. Fair enough. I thought that was a pretty reasonable explanation. 

Don’t forget that she is selling you her product: A body like hers. 

In order to achieve this body, don’t use heavier weights. If you don’t want her arms, but a more masculine definition, then just take heavier weights. In order to see the results that she has planned with her workouts, keep to what she is saying. If you want to do your own thing, just ignore what you don’t need.

Do what feels right for you and see her instructions as a guideline to the body you want.

Excuse 7#: Her music is awful

“ […] Same with her music choice. I particularly love her music choice in most songs (especially warm up dance 5 and 6) but can understand why others wouldn’t. For those of you don’t get too frustrated just learn her dances and then put your own music on a stereo recorder, turn it loud, and dance the routines to the music that inspires you!”

I am sorry that I don’t know who this is from originally, but I think she said all that needs to be said regarding this subject.

Excuse 8#: Tracy’s workout makes you look like a 2×4

“WARNING! The T Anderson method is bogus. She builds up the waist to make big hips look narrow and the waist to hip ratio is then gone. She decreases the size of the legs and makes the glutes vanish until her clients look square coming and going.”

I don’t remember the name of this person, but I remember it was a guy who had never done the workout, nor accurate research. 

As I have said above, Tracy is selling you her body vision as a designer. Her workout and diet reduce body fat and pull the larger muscle groups together, so that the result will be an “ideal” body. If you have large hips, they will not look narrower, nor will the hip to shoulder ratio change. Female curves consist of fat, if you lose fat, your curves will get smaller.

If you do the program with a healthy attitude and loving eye towards your body, you will know when to stop and be content with your results.

Personal Experience: 

I have never had a problem with the workout results; I just felt more exercised and toned. I have an hourglass figure, and that didn’t even change after I did TA for two months. I think there is no need to worry about a result that requires more dedication and commitment than most of us are willing to give. 

The person I quoted above mentioned Gwenyth Paltrow as an example for a ruined body. Have a look at her on Google and decide for yourself.

This is it for my first compilation of excuses you can chose from if you are looking for a reason not to do the TAM. J

Of course you are free to do whatever exercise you want, but remember to be critical of all the expert comments you will find on the internet. Don’t accept everything for face value, and just take what you need in order to be successful. While reading the comments on Amazon, I tried to consider every complaint and compliment and tried to present it to you with my honest opinion.

Tracy’s program is not a quick fix and your results are directly tied to the amount of effort you invest. You can’t have cheat days every day, exercise only two or three days a week for less than half an hour and expect massive results. You need to make your own choices and adapt the workouts to your needs, but still be honest and critical towards yourself. It is good to be forgiving, but don’t be too easy on yourself either. The TAM is just an additional possibility to get to the body you want. It’s one of many great workouts out there, but you need to give them a chance and do the work.

I don’t know why people write what they write, some are honest, frustrated, jealous, just mean, etc. I don’t know. But this is the reason why I am testing the Method. I want to be an honest source of information, so that you can add my experiences and reports to your own research and complete your opinion.  

The workout has never been the reason for my exercise failures, my excuses have.